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safe lock supplier kcolefas

Kcolefas is a security product and solution provider of high security locking systems, physical safe storage products and banking and financial equipment. Since 2015, Kcolefas has served banks, safe manufacturers, safe lock suppliers with our unmatched security products, services and industry solutions.

High security locks for safes and vaults, or commonly referred to as safe locks, are one of our leading offerings. Kcolefas strives to offer comprehensive, bespoke and unmatched safe lock solutions for all customers from medium to high-end markets. Kcolefas’ safe lock portfolio includes mechanical combination safe locks(safe dial locks), electronic combination safe locks(keypad safe locks), lever key operated locks, safe deposit locks, safe handles, boltworks and all kinds of safe parts and fittings. For nearly all safe lock types, we try to provide basic cost-effective options and certificated premium lock options, for our customers’ diverse demands to be met.

For aftermarket, Kcolefas safe lock products are in standard footprint and can be easily retrofitted and used for replacement for major safe lock brands. We have serviced many banks for the maintenance of their safe deposit boxes due to our complete series of safe deposit lock supplies.

Kcolefas also focuses on supplying top-notch physical safe storage products, especially for the banking and financial industry. We focus on offering high-end UL, VdS certificated fire and burglary safes, safe deposit boxes, UL Class 1, 2, 3 vault doors, strongrooms, modular vaults for the needs of physical storage and protection of high valued properties. Besides commercial applications, our safe storage products are suitable for home usage as well.

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